Migraine and tension headaches

Neurofeedback happens to be an effective method to cure migraine and tension headaches. These are headaches like migraine during the PMS, foodallergy and tension migraine caused by stress. During a migraine attack, neurofeedback immidiately reduces the pain, or even does disappear totally.

That is because neurofeedback causes a fysiological change, with the result that the migraine or the headache can disappear. It melts like snow in the sun.

Neurofeedback is also applied to achieve that the brains are going to regularize themselves by adapting the brain system in such a way that the factors that cause the migraine can’t have that influence anymore.

When you take an adequate number of sessions of neurofeedback training, the brains will get more stress tolerance and the migraine of headache will disappear. Over 80% of the clients with migraine evidently benefits from the neurofeedback interventions.

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