Tinnitus occurs when the auditory cortex “starts singing along” with an excessively dominant frequency of the brain cells in the vicinity of that auditory cortex. The auditory cortex then produces a ringing/noise/tone that it did not pick up through the ear, so not through the normal pathway, but rather picks it up from the environment within the brain. Hearing damage can be one of the underlying causes, but tinnitus can also occur without hearing damage. The perceived/heard volume of the tinnitus in the head depends on the strength and synchronicity of the environmental brainwave frequencies in the brain.

In this practice, this excessive brain activity is measured and visualized using an EEG cap, which is then observed and discussed with you.

The experience in this practice is that, through training the brain activity in a specific personalized manner, the tinnitus shifts back into the background and even regularly disappears completely.

The number of training sessions depends on the age and severity of the condition, the EEG, and the use of medication or “other drugs.”

Brainbalance - practice for neurofeedback