The development of the brains is a dynamic and perpetually ongoing process of neurological organization. In case of damage, emotional trauma or too many of too less incentives from the surroundings, the brain processes can be desisted or retarded. If we are not sure about the activation of certain neural paths, neurodevelopmental research can make it clear whether there is enough activity or not.

Apparently small steps in both emotional and motorial development of a child, open in the brains the neural paths, which, when we get older, are essential for good brain functioning. Think about functions like reading, calculating, mathematical understanding, understanding body language or emotional reactions, 3D understanding, getting the details and the whole picture, etc.

We regularly see in our practice that, though clients ask for a specific treatment, we also discover any other motorial of sensory functions that can be more accurate. Simply by particular exercises these functions can be more activated. In other words: we stimulate the narrow sand path in the brains to change it into a wide highway. For the information to be transported more easily from one location to another.

Especially children and adults with behavioral disorders or learning disorders can benefit from this technique. The information will be transported faster to the right location and do not make a detour. The learning problem will decrease and the client’s concentration will increase.

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