Intensive training

You also have the possibility to choose for an intensive neurofeedback training.

During 2 weeks, you come twice a day for 2 neurofeedback sessions. We will coach you, if necessary, on many fronts, physical as well as mental or emotional.

Having your brains trained in high speed to be more balanced, we advise you to care your body with extra attention during these 2 weeks. This supports your system to integrate this new balance more quickly.

As a result your brains will give other signals to your body and your brains will also react differently to the signals of your body. To adapt your body better to this new healthy balance, we offer you the possibility during the incentive to get a relaxing body treatment. This will support the balancing of body functions like metabolism, muscles, etc.

In the evening and during the night, you need extra physical and mental rest. It is also very important during these 2 weeks, that you have a lot of silence and space. You can’t do this together with your job or family care at home. Therefore we suggest you to rent a room in a guest-house nearby our practice, in a natural setting. We can arrange it for you. You can make nice long walks in the forest.

The advantage of an incentive is that the process of balancing goes much faster. Away from your normal busy life, you can relax and come to yourself. In the guest-house you are taken care of. This gives you the opportunity to let go what you want to release. The present you give to yourself, by this intensive, is a cleanup on many levels.

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