Our 8-year-old son…

“…used to sleep very bad and regularly became angry, out of proportion and without reason. Both, at home and in school time. In the morning, he didn’t like to get up anymore, he was very tired, depressed and worried, and he was never happy and joyful.

During the neurofeedback training we noticed that he slept better. His angriness reduced and finally he started playing football again with his friends. In this ongoing process, he sometimes had a relapse, but this happiness reduced over time. The therapist told him that his brains were settling down in a new balance, and it was normal that there were still some imbalanced moments. But when time passed by, his angriness also disappeared. The schoolteachers were also very happy. A thing of minor importance, but for me very supportive, was that my son always liked to go to the neurofeedback training. ‘Yeah, let’s go again,’ was his reaction oftentimes.”

I am 71 years old…

“…and I came to Brainbalance with a depression (already using medication), a chronic headache and sleeping disorder. I got 30 neurofeedback trainingsessions and after about 10 sessions the headache disappeared. I also started to sleep better and noticed that after a while, I didn’t overreact anymore and I felt better. After 30 sessions I decided to stop the training. Now I sleep well, I don’t have headache anymore and I feel less depressed. Because of my age, I still use medications against depression, but only a low dose. I’m glad with the result.

By the way, I did like the mental coaching. The therapist gave me the feeling that I’m OK. And that everything is OK. That is why it is a pleasant training. At Brainbalance it is not only about sensors and computers, it is about people!”

My daughter is 8 years old…

“Before we went to the neurofeedback training, she didn’t feel quite good. She seemed melancholic, not happy and had bad dreams at night. At school she didn’t perform well. We were afraid of dyslexia. Now, after the neurofeedback training, she sleeps well again and at home she is much happier. Friends and family notice her change – in a positive way. Actually she makes easily contact with peers and adults, in a nice way. In the past she avoided contact when there were some visitors. She even started reading books, something she wouldn’t do by herself. We are very glad with the result.”

I am a woman of beginning 40…

“I have mitochondrial myopathy. As a result I can only work a short lapse of time, because I’m easily tired. I could only concentrate for 20 minutes. During the neurofeedback training I slowly noticed some progression. I got more energy and the concentration got longer, without getting tired in my head.

It wasn’t always easy, because I had some heavy relapses. But I was warned for it and the therapist stayed calm and supportive. This was of great help. At the same time she advised me to take some body-oriented therapy, to support the settling of the new balance in my mind and body. This was very helpful.

I know I still have to go some way and in the future I will certainly take more neurofeedback sessions, to train my balance more profoundly. For now I have a lot more energy by day, sleep well by night and I even started a study (haptonomy) next to my work.”

My son is 12 years old…

“…old and he has ADHD. He takes the medication Concerta (36 mg). He also has dyslexia. Reading is a big problem, as well as his concentration. Before he goes to high school next year we want to change this. The medication makes him more relaxed, so we can handle him at school and at home, but he also has lost his sparkling radiance. He seems to be dimmed and frosted. The remedial teacher from school mentioned Brainbalance, and we started as soon as possible. Now, after 25 sessions of neurofeedback, he takes a minimum of Concerta. In the weekend and the holidays we even don’t have to give him medicaments. The general practitioner agreed with us. During the neurofeedback sessions, our son got joyful again, even with taking Concerta. But he also had to cry a lot without reason. Neurofeedback gave him back his emotions. He passed very well his CITO exams. We are very glad with the results and will continue with the neurofeedback training, to give him a relaxed adolescence as possible.”

My son is now 15 years…

“…and is happy living his life. He has got a lot of friends and is creative and entrepreneurial. This wasn’t always the case. He used to be very depressed, slept badly and his skin had a bad color. He was bullied and his school performance was very bad because of performance anxiety. Also we had a lot of discussions with our son. His answer was always ‘no’ and it made us sad. We had already tried play therapy and psychotherapy, and changed to another primary school. But the sleeping and learning problems stayed.

Then we went 2 times a week to neurofeedback at Brainbalance. That was a good choice. He slept better, got more energy, wanted to socialize at home and at school and got more friends. Two years ago we stopped the training, but he continued ‘opening to the world’. We still enjoy his incredible personal development.

I am convinced that this is the result of the neurofeedback training. All he learned about himself and his surroundings at the psychotherapist falls now in place. The teachers at school told us recently that he is very mature with adults and makes fun with friends. That is so nice to hear, it can’t be better!”

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