Neurofeedback is a method of training which aims to bring back in balance imbalanced brain activities.
The training consists of watching a film, which is adapted to the client’s age and interest. During this training sensors record the brain activities. When the wanted activity in the brains is noticed and recorded, the client get’s positive feedback by means of an image or a sound. The treatment is therefore child-friendly and suitable for all ages. Experience shows us that children even like to come for training!

By this neurofeedback training the brains will be stimulated to get the right balance and the self healing function of the brains will be strengthened. The brains will be more flexible and the body and mind will function better together. Complaints decrease or can even disappear.

  • This trainings method is not invasive. In other words, nothing is put into the client’s body.
  • Children as well as adults can benefit a lot from neurofeedback.

Intake and EEC

At your first consult, we will always have a conversation to get to know each other. We also make an EEC to record the exact activities in the brains, especially the locations where there are too many or too little brain activities.
Our experience is that in this kind of neurofeedback training, by working with EEC, children and adults with ADHD/ADD and with depression, often quickly reduces their medication, or even have them stop their medication after a while.

Our professional training

To be a neurofeedback trainer, we followed a professional course lead by Marty Wuttke and John N. Demos. Of course we regularly follow update-classes, in order to stay up to date. These classes take place in the USA and in the N.C.H. (Neurotherapy Center Hilversum) in Holland.

Nowadays, we execute the latest method in our neurofeedback practice: LORETA z-score neurofeedback.

Brainbalance - practice for neurofeedback