Step 1: Intake and EEC

Before we start the training sessions, we measure the brain activities on different locations in the brains, in several frequencies (EEC).

It depends on the results, your complaints and other factors that we discuss in the intake conversation, what training route we take. We always look for the most effective deal.

Step 2: The training sessions

We advise to train your brains minimal 2 times a week and the average number of sessions that leads to lasting results is 15 to 30 sessions.

During a neurofeedback training session, we stick sensors to your head, which measures your brain activities. You are sitting relaxed and are looking at a screen. You watch a film or you are playing a computer game. Meanwhile you get visual and auditive feedback on your brain activities. This is the way you train and stimulate the part of your brains with too little activity, and you reduce the activity in the parts of your brain with hyperactivity. Your brains get more flexible and more balanced, which results in less complaints or even no complaints any more.

We also have an Intensieve Neurofeedback training and Peak Performance training.

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