Peak performance

Actually you can see neurofeedback as a fitness training for the brains. It balances your brains so that you can perform maximally and in full power, when needed.

As a result we see:

  • Higher concentration, while you’re more relaxedt
  • Better physical movements when asked (by sporting competition)
  • Higher quality of job performance
  • Longer focus
  • Faster comprehension and understanding
  • Higher attention
  • Better contact with musical qualities, more musical expression
  • Higher sport performance
  • Higher creativity
  • More in-depth at meditation

To the essence, self development and peak performance

Neurofeedback is a very adequate tool to improve your actions, physically and mentally. The ‘noise’ in the brains get to the background, and as a result you will be more focused, concentrated, bright in thinking. Relaxed and in flow you will be achieving your goals. You also have more overview and your intuition is stronger. You won’t lose yourself. At the same time you perform better.

When the noise is trained to the background, we have a special neurofeedback protocol to help yourself to find your balance and to function optimally in life. This is what we call Peak Performance.

Actually, neurofeedback is regularly used by elite athletes, musicians, or managers to achieve their peak performance. Mission accomplished when you have a high concentration, and your thoughts, intuition and physical actions of movements are optimally in flow.

If you have a complaint on your concentration, sleeping disorder or performance anxiety, you first need to work on it by EEC-neurofeedback training. Only when the ‘noise’ doesn’t bother you anymore, you can work on you peak performance. This sequence is very important, otherwise you can achieve the opposite.

In our practice we always work with EEC. It points immediately out whether we have to work on the ‘noise’ first, or whether we can start working directly on peak performance.

Brainbalance - practice for neurofeedback