LORETA and SURFACE z-score neurofeedback

Nowadays we execute the latest methods of neurofeedback:

  • QEEG based LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback
  • QEEG based Surface Z-Score Neurofeedback

LORETA is an abbreviation of Low Resolution Brain Electromagnetic Tomography. The application of this technique offers the opportunity to watch and train the client’s brains 3-dimensional. With this 3D technique problem areas can be pointed out exactly. It is similar to a MRI scan.

At every training session we make a new QEEC, which is related by Z-score neurofeedback to a Neuroguide database. Brainbalance neurofeedback In this way the measurement results are a benchmark for a training session, both at the LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback as at the Surface Z-Score Neurofeedback. We always train on the most actual situation referring to heal the complaints of the client or to reach the personal aim.

Faster results

In the USA this method is used for some time and the results show us that the number of training session can be reduced with 30-50%, comparing to the classical neurofeedback.

Brainbalance - practice for neurofeedback