From the seventies till now, a lot of research has been done about about epilepsy and neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback can be very helpful with a Petit Mal, a Grand Mal, and with more complex partial forms of epilepsy or other manifestations. Besides neurofeedback, adaptation of the lifestyle is very important. Situations or circumstances that provoke epileptic seizures must be avoided. Apart from that we recommend that you try to diminish the consumation of alcoholic beverages or other means as much as possible, in order to prevent a seizure. Epilepsy is very sensitive to components of behavior of which you yourself can influence and control: a regular taking of medicaments, a diet sensitivity analysis and a well balanced lifestyle.

Neurofeedback can be a great support in helping you change your behavior and therefore reducing the seizures.

The number of medicaments can be reduced in consultation with the neurologist, so there will be less side effects. During the neurofeedback sessions we recommend you always stay under the supervision of your neurologist who prescribed your medicaments.

Apart from epileptic seizures among children, for example as a result of a difficult birth and for which most of the time the seizures start to occur at a later age, also other complaints can arise, related to their birth issues. For example: learning difficulties, concentration disorders and sleeping or mood disorders. It is definitely possible to address these issues with the help of neurofeedback.

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