Neurofeedback is very helpful in different depressions, like the premenstrual syndrome, the post-natal depression, unipolair depression, reactive depression, seasonal depression or bi-polar disorders. Neurofeedback is also helpful in case of a sleeping disorder, anxiety, fatigue, pain complaints, alcohol dependency of aggressive behavior.

Whether the cause of the depression is genetical, fysiological or causes by traumatic experiences, the training sessions turn out to be very effective.

During the training the brainbalance will be improved. This lets the depressive feeling disappear. You will get more and more happy. You may wish to decrease the number of medicaments. But you can’t diminish or stop your antidepressive medication by yourself, nor by the trainer. Always consult your doctor about the amount of medication. He or she is the only one who can accompany you in the phasing out of medicaments.

It can be possible that during the rebalancing process of the brains, by having neurofeedback training sessions, some traumatical experience will pop up after years of suppression. The trainer might consult you then to look for a psychotherapist, to heal yourself in this part.

Depression caused by serious emotional and physical traumatic experiences like rapes, physical aggression, chemotherapy of negative effects of drugs, turns out to really get better by neurofeedback. We all know that one depression can be followed by more depressions. The training sessions of neurofeedback are very helpful to diminish the repetition of depressive periods in life.

Brainbalance - practice for neurofeedback