(Performance) Anxiety

Anxiety can manifest itself in different forms: having phobia, getting panic attacks or having performance anxiety.

People with these fearpatterns have EEG’s that detect brain activities that are too large: your brain actually acts like it’s on the run for something. This seems to be a uncontrollable pattern. You can’t get it under control, no matter what you do. This ‘stuck’ brainactivity costs a lot of energy and nonetheless impedes the ability to assess situations correctly and respond to a change in the right way. Resulting in less and less succesfull situations, enlarging anxiety and a diminishing self image. The feelings of insecurity and fear grow stronger. In the worst case scenario you’re actually too afraid to do anything at all. But, there’s hope!

During the neurofeedback training you’re shown what your brain activity actually does. You train your brain, without having to make a lot of effort, to not respond anymore from your normal pattern of brain activity and naturally grow towards a brain activity that corresponds with relaxation and a positive self image. This makes you able to perform better and let’s you live a happier life.

In most cases it takes about 20 to 25 training sessions to accomplish this result. Children and adults with anxiety / performance anxiety or phobias have a lot to gain with neurofeedback. The training is adapted to your age, what you’re able to handle, is fun and has a relaxing effect.

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