The reason addiction develops is because the brain  (I’m talking here about the “animal brain” and not about the reasonable-thinking part of our brain)    constructs very strong connections between: at one side: the stress-survival part in the brain…. towards at the other side: a memory of a quick arised nice relaxing moment, at the moment of the use of drugs or at the moment of an action that gave quick relaxation. So if there is a stress feeling, than the brain tries to help you towards the quickest relaxation possible to help you to survive!  People who prone to addiction develop those internal brain-connections too strong!  So strong that they cannot filter the addiction-impuls by using their reasonalbe thinking. So if the brain scans a stress feeling, it immediatly opens the addiction connections to get rid of the stress as quick as possible. This is the addiction. Those survival pathways have nothing to do with the reality. But that does not count for the animal brain that only tries to help you to survive. The animal brain part has no possibility to think reasonable.

Depending on the kind of addiction (action or drug): the use of the drug will cause chemical stress in the body and not being able to stop using, a bad feeling will evoke about yourself. So one way or the other…… allowing the addiction will always awake your stress feelings. The more often the animal brain scans stress feelings, the stronger he’ll make the addiction pathways. The brain “forgets” other ways to help you to relax. There you have the problem!!!!

Unfortunately, as time goes by,  you’ll need more and more drugs to reach the same level of relaxation. That gives more stress…… and you sink deeper and deeper into this downward spiral. With using drugs for a longer period of time, the physical symptoms will become really worse. Heart, liver, brains…..they’ll become poisended.

With LORETA Z-score Neurofeedback we can focus at the Addiction Network in the brain and train the connections in this network towards a healthy balance.

Important is that you are “clean”. That you do not use at that period of neurofeedback training. It is smart to stay in contact with your psychotherapist or doctor during the neurofeedback period.

Your e.e.g. will show what is out of balance in your brain. The number of training-sessions depends on how serious your e.e.g. is.

Brainbalance - practice for neurofeedback